Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Saying Goodbye

"True happiness is born of letting go of what is unnecessary.” ~Sharon Salzberg

"I just walked away from 75% of my life." ~Cynthia

Saying goodbye to 30+ years of living, growing deep roots, and raising a family has been an interesting process. Now that I'm pretty much through it I thought I would share some thoughts.

First, my moving crew extraordinaire. Daughters, sister, son-in-law, The Writer, and of course, Mason.

Bringing the freezer up from the basement was a major accomplishment. It was going to my daughter's house. She has four growing boys so no problem filling a freezer.

Getting it out involved removing two doors of the house and the top of the freezer--a necessity discovered only after reaching the top of the stairs the first time.

Back down, rest, remove doors, start the push-pull process of the ascent all over again...

That wasn't the craziest thing though. A ping pong table that went down the stairs 25 years ago had to be dismantled and destroyed to get it back up the stairs.

How did that happen???

We had eight days to sell my car, empty the house, and get it up for sale

as The Writer needed to be back in SC in two weeks.

We did it!

I put my car on Craigslist (a new experience) and it was gone in 24 hours. We spoke with a realtor and 10 hours later had a buyer before the house had even been listed. The woman who wanted it, the mother of a neighbor, had admired my house for years because of my gardens and trees, so I know all will be cared for and enjoyed for years to come.

Comin' up!

We had a garage sale and I gave away whatever was left after that. I now have no car, no house, and about 25% of the "stuff"I had a few weeks ago!

The quickness of it was a blessing, but it was also sort of stunning and I got overwhelmed at times. Oh heck, I still think about the tiny handmade baby clothes, the special childrens' toys, the sentimental items that had no use but holding memories, and get weepy! But I know the objects aren't the memories and the memories of those days are safely in my heart to keep forever.

Most everyone has to downsize in later life and I'm thankful that step is now pretty much behind me.

My best advice for getting through it ...



  1. You don't need things to remember them they will remain with you forever, you have a wonderful future ahead of you which is a real blessing. Enjoy!

  2. Reading this gave me a lump in my throat...until your advice at the end! That brought me 'round to a smile. Glad things went so well for you. Hope The Writer is feeling better.

  3. Well done. I understand, having made a similar move some years's not easy.

  4. I have so much admiration for you starting a new life so far from your family and previous life. I am so pleased it all went well and hope that you have another lifetime of happiness to look forward to.

  5. Letting go is hard. We moved to Georgia from California leaving g Mac's family there, what remained of m in Oklahoma. Our daughter was in Maryland. It was quite an experience. You'll be fine.

  6. This reminded me if wben i had to get rid if my dearly departed sisters things and a few years later, my mom's. Now am working on mine. Glad it's behind you. xx

  7. This reminded me if wben i had to get rid if my dearly departed sisters things and a few years later, my mom's. Now am working on mine. Glad it's behind you. xx

  8. That, Cynthia, seems to have gone better than clockwork.
    Well done - never say things don't move FAST in Minnesota!

    Seems young "Aussie to be, Mason" does look a bit on the dubious side.
    PS; Getting used to the absence of my home computer. I think it was
    starting to control my life. Have to get an IT specialist to find
    records on my Hard Drive and then OUT COMES THE AXE!

  9. Wow! That is an impressive operation. We're )doing downsizing too but very :).....

  10. I guess your main advice would be to have a good sense of humor. the move makes downsizing happen in a hurry.

  11. Well you did it and in good time. Always the little things that one likes to keep or has to let go is hard. I think of all those people who lose all things in fires, floods etc. heart breaking for them too because it happened so quickly.
    They are however, not you!

  12. I am amazed at how quickly you achieved all this! I went through a similar experience in 2004 and it was a neighbour two doors up, who bought my house...for an investment though, not to live in. ( I did bring some sentimental things with me though)

  13. Always helps to know your house has been admired for years and will continued to be loved. As will you, as you continue to grow your new roots, as I've said before yours is such a lovely love story :)
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  14. Oh, that must have been a hectic and emotional week. You did a lot of work and saying goodbye to all you ever owned. I live for 36 years in the same house now and looking around, I should not know where to begin...... I think when you are forced to move, you have to make choices. In the meantime our house keeps full...Nice you found a nice person to buy your house, always good to leave it behind, knowing it will be treated well.

  15. How wonderful that a lady who admired your house and yard bought your home!! Sounds like it was all a quick deal...perhaps you just need time to adjust... I am still working on getting rid of "stuff" so maybe your way is the best:)

  16. Your motto Remain Calm and Carrot On is a good one, and you accomplished a lot in those 8 days.