Saturday, June 4, 2016

Living It Up at Ocean Reef

We did enjoy our Memorial Day weekend in the Florida Keys with The Writer's children at his son's girlfriend's family home. Sorry to say, no special announcement was forthcoming, much to everyone's surprise. Maybe next time.

Our hosts had a very large second home and boat on Ocean Reef. I think I heard 5000 square feet mentioned. (That's the house, not the boat.) We had a third floor guest suite that was as big as my house and looked out over the pool and ocean beyond.


We spent most of the weekend in the boat and I was so excited to see groups of dolphins so near you could almost touch them.

"Swim with the Dolphins" is on my bucket list, and this was pretty darn close!

Lots of famous people have homes at Ocean Reef. The Obamas were there for a visit a few weeks ago.



Time to Burn is a 38-foot sport fisherman that sleeps four.


We went out into the open ocean to cruise and it was also our transportation to lunch, dinner, and beaches every day.


On the first afternoon we tied up at the dock of Alabama Joe's.

Alabama Joe's is an open air restaurant just before the toll bridge to Key Largo. It opened as a biker bar in 1947. Tradition says you must get a t-shirt on your first visit (we did) and leave a license plate from your home state if you are a regular there.

I think they save a lot of money on a decorator, don't you?

You also have to have their "world famous" conch fritters. (The fritters were okay but I didn't really have anything to compare them to. We don't have conch fritters in Minnesota.)

There is definitely no "No shoes, no shirt, no service" sign, but I think you do at least have to wear a swimsuit nowadays. Looks like it might have been optional when they first opened.


Yes, that is me napping by the pool after a rough day of doing nothing and that is the open ocean above the mangrove tree line.

Please don't blow this photo up too large, okay? I did not approve of The Writer taking it.






I couldn't get all of the house into one shot without falling off the dock into the water. (There are gators in there!)

So imagine you are looking at half of it and it goes on an equal amount past the trees to the left. (Because it does.)





The other transportation at Ocean Reef is by golf cart.

This is The Writer's son and girlfriend and their little family, Dexter and Buddy.

Buddy and Dex go to Doggy Daycare during the week while their humans are at work.

When Dexter stands on two legs he is in direct line to kiss my lips. Now that was a surprise.



There are many models of golf carts to choose from. If we lived at Ocean Reef, I think I'd look really good driving this one. But maybe in a little more snazzy color?

I couldn't help but wonder what Golf Cart One looks like when the Obamas are in residence.



  1. It's goo to be rich or at least know someone rich.

  2. wow you had a great time there

  3. What a paradise - I think you should be fully rested! Love your dolphin photo. That's all the vacation you get for the rest of the summer...

  4. Ultra swank, but it is a playground area for the "well-healed".
    Alabama Jacks brings back some memories for me in New Orleans
    at a bar on Bourbon Street called Poppa Joe's.
    Ties were necessary but when you entered out came scissors and "bingo"
    your tie was cut in half. Then you were asked for your business or personal
    card and straight up onto a wall went your tie and card and you were a member!!
    Motto of the story - don't wear your favourite or most expensive tie!!

    Also in San Francisco the there is a famous bar - "Sam's", I think where
    you are asked for your number plate and up onto the wall it went. I have never
    seen so many number plates in my life. Naturally I never carried my Australian
    number plate when travelling so I didn't get onto the wall, but obviously
    some people either do or went back on a subsequent visit as there were number
    plates from countries all over the World!!!
    PS: Still trying to contact my IT specialist mate to recover my records
    from the hard drive, so this is from the Library and I doubt very much if
    I will replace my PC, it was taking over my life.

  5. You saw and learned many new things on this weekend.

  6. Hi Cynthia, just came over from Biebkriebels blog and what caught my attention was the name "Ocean Reef" as we also have a Ocean Reef suburb in Perth (Australia). Love your stories and photos, specially the one with the dolphin.

  7. That looks and sounds like it was a fun weekend. Oh my - that house! I just had to go back and check - that's the second house??!!

  8. How wonderful seeing you there, so totally relaxed after doing nothing all day! What a life :)
    We only live once.

  9. A nice peek into Florida life. To see dolphins so close by amazing. I think it is a relaxed way of life overthere with such a big second house and you look great on the bed, just relaxing after all the hard work of moving your old house.

  10. What a beautiful place! And such a huge home. My goodness. Good to know you could relax after such a whilrwind of activity in Minnesota. Snazzier color on the golf cart for sure. Gosh!

  11. Living the life of the rich and famous!! :)

  12. Now that was impressive, what a great place to visit.

  13. Oh my goodness! This is certainly super luxury! So glad you had such a terrific time.

  14. Swimming with the dolphins is on my bucket list as well :) so amazing that you were able to see them up close!

  15. Wow what a luxurious place to be living. Looks like you had a great time.

  16. Wow what a luxurious place to be living. Looks like you had a great time.

  17. Well I read your bad new first and now on to this post. My goodness! What a beautiful place! You look lovely napping by the pool...and I don't know how to blow up a picture anyway. :) Glad you had fun.