Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A London Moment

Between the Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum in London today,

Sherlock entertained the children.





  1. Lovely photo. I love Natural History Museum.

  2. He looks just like the Sherlock in the movies! We always wat ch the TV show here.

  3. That is some bubble would be fun to try:)

  4. Great street entertainment and obviously not that cold going by the clothes
    on the kids, but then again some kids don't seem to feel the cold.
    You sure seem to be having a great time, good for you.
    Aussie "Col"

  5. Great picture of the kids enjoying themselves.

  6. As I look at your photos, I can't help but think how wonderful winter might be for you with such good memories to look back on when the snow flies.

  7. We used to go to the Natural History Museum every year with our school as we only lived just up the road. I took hubby a couple of years ago as he'd never been. I love the V&A especially when they have Vintage frocks on display.

    I do love London it's still my favourite city in the world.

    I loved your chooks, they're are pretty indeed.