Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just One Reason Why I Love London

Who else gives out "Loo of the Year" awards?



  1. Only the Poms could come up with this - God Bless their cotton-pickin' socks!
    I hope you weren't in a desperate situation???

  2. Cynthia London is fantastic but public services don't work properly like in each city around the world.Have a nice Sunday under British sky.

  3. They were locked? Oh my!

  4. What does Loo mean? And wonder why the public bathrooms were locked? :) Hope you're having fun!

    1. A loo is the toilet (which is polite to say in the UK but not the US and I always feel slightly naughty asking where the TOILET is!).

  5. Lol, I was listening on the radio yesterday how they are considering a "Pay as you pee" type of public toilet to help fund them. All comes down to money doesn't it? I bet it won't be spend a penny though.

    I hope your having a smashing time and if you find yourself anywhere near Lincoln give me a shout x

  6. Now that's precious and something I always wanted to know :)

  7. Hope you are having a wonderful time over here. There is such a lot to see and do in London with some great buildings and museums to explore.

  8. Now that is certainly something to ponder?

  9. Oh My Goodness, do you not have Loo of the Year awards?! I'm reconsidering my next trip back to the U S of A - LOL
    Yes us Brits are brought up to consider such things, that's why in nice houses you will be asked if you need to 'use the facilities' before leaving, it's not because we don't trust your bladder, it's because we don't trust our public conveniences!!!
    Hope you were able to enjoy 'spending a penny' at some of these fine dunnies as the Aussies call 'em!
    Wren x

  10. I hope there are lots of loos in all of Europe when we go to visit there. The love the idea of loo of the year!