Monday, September 22, 2014

The Absolutely Most Perfect Day Ever in London, Weather-Wise and More

Blue skies, no wind, ideal temps -- the travel gods have certainly smiled on me this year. It was a day at the Tate Modern with my friend from Edinburgh, Catrina. We have been friends for about 35 years!

We looked at art all morning but then this view beckoned us back outside to enjoy this perfect autumn day.

We bought a cup of coffee and sat, enjoying the street entertainers on the Queen's Walk -- the motionless Gold Man, a grim reaper that appeared suspended in the air, a young man who would create a story for you right there on his old-fashioned typewriter, another who rolled glass balls up, down, and around his body.

Then, we crossed the Millenium Bridge, a pedestrian bridge suspended over the Thames, toward St. Paul's Cathedral.

Lovers' locks are appearing, copying those on a bridge on the Seine in Paris. There were so many of them, in spite of the fact that they were regularly cut off by the authorities, they caused part of the French bridge to collapse.

Just because I love owls . . . .

I didn't notice these last summer. Table tennis games have popped up everywhere. These are in Paternoster Square, with one of the originsl gates to London preserved behind.

A sculpture made of old books on the wall inside a modern office building intrigued me. I asked if I could take a photo and the woman at the desk said, "Yes, one photo and then you must leave right away!" Okay then!

I am so lucky to be in London!



  1. So much fun to enjoy the sites with your friend. Thanks for sharing a good time

  2. Well goodness! How did that Grim Reaper suspend himself? That's intriguing. And the book sculpture is fabulous. Looks like perfect weather for you. Yea!

  3. I enjoyed this day more than I can express. Thank you

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  4. Well you MUST have been a very GOOD girl??
    The weather "gods" have been so good for you on this London visit.
    Obviously I was a very bad boy on my trip to good old London Town,
    the weather "gods" turned on the full bucket loads for my visit - (sigh!!!)
    Aussie "Col"

  5. I enjoyed the stroll with you, what a lovely day out made even better catching up with an old friend creating more memories to store and treasure.

  6. 35 years, that's truly adorable. It wouldn't matter where you were with a friend like that x

  7. So glad about the weather. It makes such a difference to the surroundings. Love that book sculpture.

  8. Such nice pictures of your holiday in London, love the streetviews. You are very lucky with the weather indeed, we are having the same summer temperatures and enjoy them very much.

  9. You seem to be having a ball, continue. Never heard of lovers locks, interesting.

  10. Fantastic and long friendship.I have seen that gold statue in Cracow. It is wonderful you have nice weather.

  11. Looks like a fab day and a great trip, good to hear you made it to the Tate and caught up with an old friend too - reminds me of my trip there earlier this year.