Monday, September 29, 2014


I love to travel, and that is an understatement! I long to see things I've never seen before, immerse myself in another culture, live another way of life. I love the excitement of experiencing something new every day, the promise of a discovery around every corner.

But I do I find it hard to come home, to get back into the familiar routine of my life. It's not that I'm not grateful for all that I have and that I don't miss my family while I'm gone, because I am and I do. It's more that, with new eyes, the old life seems too predictable, so ordinary, like going from color to black and white.

I've been in London for nearly three weeks, living a big city life, very different from the small town, quiet life I live in Minnesota. Now I'm home, picking apples, potatoes, grapes, and raspberries. Raking leaves. Mowing the lawn. Ho hum.

Me, traveling

Me, back home in Minnesota

What's the remedy? Reflection, reading, time, putting one foot ahead of the other and carrying on, I think.

And, as everyone knows . . .





  1. Cynthia, a cup of tea, a book, and a travel guide would do! ;-)

  2. Life needs to be full of highs and lows otherwise it would just be boring. I'm off to the Lake District tomorrow for some walking in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

  3. Cynthia, it wonderful and fantastic about travelling. I love travelling but home is always sweet. East or West home the best.I believe you come back to Europe again.

  4. I suppose it's all about perspective. Picking apples in Minnesota seems like a lovely thing to do from here in the UK.It's just as you say exploring other cultures is a real thrill and our everyday routine can seem dull in comparison. Post holiday blues are I'm sure very common. Your plans to overcome them seem very sensible.

  5. C'mon you can do better than that facial expression shown in the "gardening in Minnesota shot" ???
    Life is pretty good UNTIL bloody winter in Minnesota and then Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Now go relax forget about the bloody "Earl Grey Tea" and dreams and be like me as I sit under a lorikeet free tree,
    ( unless you like noise and "poops) with an atlas, travel brochures, a bottle of good scotch, ice cubes and (oh dear)
    a cigarette!!! ( shock/horror) and plot, plan the next trip! Ah those were the days of yore for me, but NOT for you!

    I believe the more you travel, the more knowledgeable you become of the World and its people.
    Cheers from a very sunny Brisbane and hopefully a technican who can fix my still phone problems??)
    Aussie Col

    1. Technican here on TIME!!!! That is a first and now Internet and phone working - but for how long???
      He left his mobile phone number just in case for recalling - obviously if things go haywire, on someone
      else's phone.
      The dependency that we now have on these things is incredible. I am sure beforehand with the good old
      post days we learnt to write correctly and had less stress. Interesting comments - maybe FSOF - I must have
      a peep at his/her blog may have a point??? The Scandinavian backpackers, and you have that heritage,
      are the best of the best visitors to Australia. They work hard and play hard and are never a problem.
      Aussie Col

  6. It does take a while to come down after a high on travel. However, I always enjoy coming home to my own bed and bathroom. I like reliving my travel experiences through photos and scrapbooks and blogging. Start planning your next trip.

  7. Cynthia, welcome home! As for the color vs black and white . . . um . . . let's . . . many photographers consider black and white to be classic, sophisticated, timeless, aesthetic, artistic and allows the photographer to focus on emotion, composition, and texture. So . . . your came home to timeless, aesthetic texture! How's that?

  8. You'll have to decompress slowly as you return to your usual routine. It's not London, but it's pretty special in its own way!

  9. Welcome back home, Cynthia. I enjoyed your post and liked your creativity in using a colourful photo and a black and white one to compare and contract being abroad with being at home. I think perhaps you enjoy big city living more than living in the country. But then again perhaps if you lived in a big city you would miss the ability to have a large garden and all your bountiful harvest. There are certainly pros and cons to both. I live in the big city and when I travel I always love to come home no matter how much I enjoy being abroad. However I do miss the friends I leave behind in the distant places. Take care and enjoy your reading and your blogging. xx

  10. You looks happier traveling! Perhaps you should look into teaching abroad or an exchange program than needs chaperones:)

  11. Glad you enjoyed your time in the big smoke over here in the UK, like you say a good book and a cup of tea will soon get you over the holiday blues. Start planning you next trip that will make you feel better.

  12. Going on a travel is exciting, coming home is also nice. When you have both of it you are a lucky one.

  13. I expect you can plan your next holiday now, if you wish. Doesn't take long to return the old routine.

  14. I was attracted to your post by your b/w strip shirt. There's some more black and white for you. Actually I grew up in Minnesota and I never wanted to go anywhere. My husband was the adventure seeker and I went where he went. Actually, I loved London too. Nice blog.

  15. Aargh yes I totally agree, but you need to have the life in black & white to fully appreciate the colour of your travels, don't think of it as dull and ho -hum being back home, think of it as recharging your batteries ready for the off again!!
    Shame we're not closer as I'd be round for that cuppa!
    Wren x

  16. Hi Cynthia, well we enjoyed your travels. Maybe it wasn't long enough for you to get sick of it and yearn for home.