Monday, December 14, 2015

Beaufort Boat Parade


We nearly missed the Beaufort Christmas boat parade trying to find a parking place. It seemed like everyone in town got there before we did and was already at the harbor. I was excited because I had never seen a boat parade before.

Boats were already lined up and making their way toward the park when we found a place along the water.


Many of the boats moored in the harbor were also decorated with lights and trees and Santas and their owners had ringside seats on the deck to watch the parade along with us landlubbers.


Here they come, passing just a few feet in front of us, singing and waving and encouraging us to sing along.

This sailboat is towing a Christmas tree in its dinghy.




A sea theme here with lobster, dolphin, flamingo, etc. There aren't really any lobsters or flamingos in South Carolina. We do see plenty of dolphins, though.


Frosty is on the bow. No theme music for this one.










Frosty is trailing along in this dinghy. I bet you can guess which song this group was singing.










Almost lost Santa!




When the boat parade was over everyone gathered around the Christmas tree and the Parris Island Marine Corps Jazz Band entertained us for another hour or so.



Before they started to play, they laid their white hats in a circle at the base of the tree.

We splashed out on a bag of popcorn to make it a perfect evening.



  1. cynthia the boat parade sounds fantastic for me a person who lives about 700 km from the sea... great idea love from europe

  2. So lovely. I love lights on boats and sailboats. We have an annual carol ship here in Vancouver. I think there are several companies actually that host these. I've never gone but I love to see them cruising the harbour with their festive lights. Enjoy your holidays :-)

  3. I reckon that would be a wonderful night experience and being so close to the
    activity on Beaufort Harbour.
    I have only ever seen two similar events held at night and these years ago.
    One on Sydney Harbour and the other on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok,
    both very spectacular and naturally very different.
    I hope the weather was agreeable and not too cold.
    PS: Glad you were able to access - the "Please Explain"
    person - yep they would make good mates - ha ha.

  4. Oh, thank you for sharing! I love a boat parade and haven't seen one in 14 years! Lovely and fun!

  5. Thanks for the photos, they do one near us and we're too dang lazy to walk down to it.

  6. Goes with my parade post today, only yours is on the water. So beautiful with the lights reflected!

  7. That would be so pretty to watch in person. I really enjoyed the pictures. I've never heard of a boat parade.

  8. Now that's a different parade!! Beaufort? It's also a sea in the Arctic at the mouth of the Mackenzie river. Now isn't that a contrast?

  9. This sounds and looks like a wonderful evening. Holiday lights are special and they must be outstanding on the boats in the water. I LOVE Beaufort! Are you familiar with Joan Perry's Charleston Daily Photo blog?

    1. I wasn't familiar with the blog but I looked it up and ended up reading quite a few past posts. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Sounds as if you had great fun. I too have never seen a boat parade like that.

  11. Sounds like a great night out and so unusual. I have only ever seen one boat parade before and this was in the South of France many years ago but certainly a sight for sore eyes.

  12. Wow, what a nice event to visit, I like it.

  13. What a wonderful event! Love how the boats are decorated...sounds like a great night out!

  14. That's a completely different way of enjoying the festive season. Looked like great fun.

  15. Magical to see the lights reflected on the water. It's snowing so hard here, I can hardly imagine it!

  16. I'd never heard of a boat parade before - what a good idea, with the singers too.

  17. Such an interesting celebration! I have seen a boat parade, but not one for Christmas. One year there was a boat parade on the Mississippi River in St. Paul for the 4th of July.

  18. Spectacular with all the colored lights on the water!!

  19. What fun, we could do that in Minnesota this year! BUT it is -2 F right now and headed lower so it will be an ice making night:)