Friday, December 4, 2015

Gifts, Part II

Next category is . . .


A hotdog cutter. Just ... why?

Why would anyone cut up a hotdog in the first place? The little round pieces would roll out of the bun. Plus they would be a choking hazard for small children.


If this one is too plain, there is another one shaped like a dachshund with a cup for catsup dipping on the end of it.




Next we have a cutting board handmade from USA grown maple and designed so you can "safely use your phone or tablet while making meals" without spilling on it.


This deluxe model is also reversible.


Now here is one good idea, a popcorn bowl that seperates out the unpopped kernels (known as Old Maids in the Dark Ages when I was a kid but we're probably not allowed to say that anymore).

If only we had had one of these this summer when I broke the corner off a tooth eating popcorn. I could have saved a lot of money. $30 for the vs $1000 to have the tooth capped.



Here we have an "ooma bowl," a double serving bowl. Folks, it's ergonomically designed! Because, you know, of all that repetitive motion of passing the bowl around the table and moving hand to mouth repeatedly for a bite.

According to the ad, "when held in one hand [it] keeps your wrist in a comfortable, neutral position".

Or you could just set your plate on the table.


A sponge keeper keeps your "good sponge" and your "evil sponge" from getting mixed up or commingling germs. I was relieved to see that the good sponge, which I assume is for wiping countertops and such, is stored above the evil sponge,which in our household is used for wiping up dog messes and spills from the floor. Come to think of it, I still think they are too close together for comfort.






Come back tomorrow for my final category ...



  1. LOL, I had a few goods laughs at your narrative. I'm always overwhelmed by the amount of gadgets and "do dads" that they come up with for the consumer. It makes me wonder how we used to get along in life without them! Seriously though I do enjoy gadgets. I just make sure I seldom check them out because I really have no room for anything new in my smallish home. I'm always trying to declutter not add more clutter.

  2. What a bunch of gadgets! I used to feed our girls small pieces of hot dogs...they lived! I cut them in circles and then in half again.
    I am way over germy sponges. I know it is not enviro friendly but we use the Dawn impregnated paper towels to do our dishes and it has really cut down on our colds..etc... I use the same towel only once. Immune challenged people have to do what they can!
    Who ever uses that breadboard must not be as messy as I am:)
    Stop by my blog tomorrow when you have time:)

  3. You gave me a good laugh on those gadgets, some, know doubt more useful than others..

  4. Cynthia the cutting board is fantastic especially this one with possibility to put thre mobile phone.21st century item

  5. You can start a website with funny items :)

  6. All my sponges are evil, I throw them out on a regular basis. The cutting board wouldn't work for me, I'm a mess in the kitchen and I don't want my tablet anywhere near when I cook.

  7. A great selection of presents that nobody wants.

  8. That hot dog cutter! If you did decide to cut up a hot dog, it would take longer to plunder through the utensil drawer looking for the cutter than it would to pick up a knife and cut it. Wonder if anybody will buy any of these things?

  9. Your "good" and "evil" sponge characterization is hilarious!

    I kind of like that cutting board with the phone/tablet holder!

  10. The hot dog cutter is for beanie-weenie...which I hate, so I won't buy that. But that ergonomic chip and dip holder would be great for movie watching! lol

  11. Hee hee what a load of unnecessary stuff to spend money on.

  12. Haha genius but at the same time not so practical. It won't be hotdogs if I eat them cut.

    I think I'd go for the sponge separator. Nevermind the cuttjng board. Cooking is my little escape from gadgets.

    But my favorite was the "maids if the dark ages" - that was just hilarious. Yeah, it'd be politically incorrect to say it that way nowadays I guess.