Thursday, December 3, 2015

For Those Hard-to-Buy-For Relatives and Friends


I've been doing some Christmas shopping on line this year and have come across some items that might save you, my dear readers, some valuable time in locating the perfect gift for Uncle Wally or Aunt Myrtle. Most can be found right there on good old Amazon, so have your credit card handy.

In fact, I have found so much good stuff I'm going to do this post in a couple installments.

Let's begin with


I was looking for a plain little woven bamboo basket tea strainer, the kind that cost less than $3 and bobs in the mug. But hey, look at these!

How about a submersible Yellow Submarine tea infuser from the Beatles song,

or, with a similar underwater theme -- a dolphin and a manatee to hang on your glass? (But isn't it a little, um, disconcerting to see a dolphin or manatee expelling yellow liquid from their nether regions into your tea glass? Ah, well, never mind.)

And my personal favorite In the tea drinkers department, the very versatile robot.

His arms and hands adjust to grip the top of ANY mug or teacup and keep him from sinking to the bottom of your cup.

And he comes with his own drip tray to place him on when your tea is ready. Neat, huh? No more tea puddle on your saucer.





Prefer coffee? Here's a mug that will solve that tricky problem of carrying your cookies, drink, and newspaper to the table in the same trip. Beware: the little storage compartment only stores two-inch cookies.


How about a coffee mug that lets you know when you have poured your hot coffee in it by changing from a black sleepy face to a white wide awake one. You know, for those mornings when you pour your coffee before you are awake and can't see what's in your cup?


And then one for the wine drinkers on your list, musical wine glasses (etched with major scale calibration). Guaranteed to liven up any evening when you have friends in and the conversation lags. Jazz things up! Get it?




Well, that's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some more of my finds.



  1. I think I like the wine glasses best, though I'd probably put vodka and cranberry juice in instead of wine.

  2. Well, you certainly found some different things for gifts.

  3. Yes I like the wine glasses best, being a musician and liking wine - but I would be constantly drinking and topping up to get the right notes :-)

  4. Having fun shopping...interesting to see what is about...
    This year I don't have to do any Christmas shopping! why? Both my daughter in laws are going to buy their children and themselves their presents, plus their husbands, my sons...they are then going to give me the presents, I will wrap them, put under my Christmas one else to buy for....husband doesn't want anything, nor do I...

  5. Those are funny presents you found!

  6. I don't believe I could drink the tea those first three tea infusers had been hanging in. :) I like the wine glasses best too.

  7. Have to confess that this time I am following the crows: send me the wine glasses.

  8. Should read "following the CROWD!!"

  9. I can tell you are a better shopper than I am:)

  10. I love the little Robot best! He just "speaks" to me somehow!