Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas in a Small LowCountry Town

The sign was out on the street corner all last week announcing a Festival of Lights, hotdogs, s'mores, and SNOW coming to the park on Friday night.

Friday night's temperature was in the mid 50s and balmy, but Christmas was in the air nonetheless.

Come on in!









Even the ground under your feet was lit up.

How did they DO that?














A machine made snow to give southern kids a taste of winter. They loved pelting each other with snowballs, just like kids Up North.








There were lights glowing everywhere you looked, and yes, those are palm trees on the far side of the water!

Ridgeland is a small town with little industry and a lot of poverty. There are many immigrants and minorities who live here, and that combined with the poverty can create social problems.

Most of the lighted decorations were sponsored by a single families and this display seemed especially meaningful as kids and families of every race enjoyed the Christmas spirit together Friday night.

The lights were magical. You could see it in the faces of the children.



  1. Cynthgia it is nice to spend Christmas in warm climate. But in Poland we also have mild winters last years and no snow forb Christmas. Small children don't know Whaite Christmas it is only the dream And I think will be the same climate has changed in Europe

  2. Best wishes for a blessed Christmas

    Warm ALOHA,


  3. I grew up in the South and didn't see snow until I was grown. What a treat for the kids to have a snow machine there! I'm glad all children could enjoy it despite the poverty of the area. I LOVE seeing the Spanish Moss hanging down - "Southern icicles" I guess!

  4. More towns need to have events like this. One small event at a time helps make kids and adults feel more a part of society.

  5. Looks like a fun evening! How did they get the lights in the ground? :)

  6. That is a great way to bring families from all walks of life together and be happy.

  7. Looked at all your blogs since I went South. Very interesting.
    I will TRY and send the photos of the big day, which thankfully
    the temperature dropped to 25 Celsius after 45 Celsius of DRY HEAT
    the previous day. At least in dry heat you don't melt, but it was
    bloody hot.

  8. I always like the light festivals, we have one in Amsterdam I have to visit yet soon.

  9. It's the same way in my small community...except ours is thriving. Each small community has it's own celebration. This coming week end, I have several events to enjoy. It's a wonderful life living in small town America.

  10. It must be very different for you having a warm Christmas this year. We sometimes see snow here at Christmas - but like yours it has been made by a snow machine. Christmas time here in NZ is time for the beach and all things summer. The light festival is pretty, something special for the kids.

  11. We are used to no snow at Christmas let alone any other time of year, except on top of a mountain or two, it seems strange that in your south that a snow machine is being used so the children and adults can experience fake snow..nice idea in a way.
    I wonder will you miss real snow this Christmas!
    The lights are pretty...under the ground shinning up, that looks good..

  12. Palm trees and snow! I know this is quite different from your Christmases past. Can't believe your town has a snow making machine! Looks like the children are having a good time.

  13. The pictures are so amazing!:)

  14. Did the snow make you feel like you were back in Minnesota for a moment? What a sweet festival!

  15. That last display was especially pretty.

  16. Ha - looks like your Christmas will be a bit out of sorts, just like a Brit in Australia :) Mind you I reckon fake snow and bright lights is better than the freezing cold!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Wren x

  17. Snow-making machine-we have the same in the Philippines. There are are also places with artificially created cold climate kids (and adults too) can experience what is winter like. Here in Russia they have salt rooms :) Isn't it funny?

    Lights on the ground? Impressive! I love seeing Christmas decors and lights.