Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween!


Boats in the harbor are "spooked up" for the holiday

See the parrot skeleton on his shoulder?



Daughter Anna and Mason at Mason's preschool Fall Party (schools can't call it a Halloween party because some parents don't approve of celebrating Halloween).

As long as he has a cookie, I don't think Mason cares what you call it!




I haven't heard what his big brothers are going to be, but Mason has been wearing his costume since they bought it.

So here is Captain America (I think) out for a burger with his dad yesterday.

Mason recently turned 3.











Daughter Sarah is on the left in the Big Bird costume at a Halloween party. Her friend is Oscar the Grouch.

Crazy girls!











We are looking forward to having trick-or-treaters at our door. It will be the first time in a long time I have lived in a place where I've had more than a handful, some years none, and our neighbors tell us we might have 70 here! We are prepared with small treats for 85. When those are gone, we will turn off the lights!


"From ghoulies and ghosties

And long-leggedy beasties

And things that go bump in the night,

Good Lord, deliver us!"

Y'all be careful out there!



  1. Halloween is so much fun because people of all ages get into the spirit!

  2. Mason - 3 eh?
    Now rather than upsetting some people with the name Halloween,
    he is old enough to help me with studying the form for our MUCH BIGGER
    day - The day that stops a Nation at 3.00 pm - the Melbourne Cup.

    Thank God Halloween is a no-goer here - some families try it, but they are
    wasting their time.
    PS: Hope you got my reply e-mail and have not fainted - ha ha!

  3. I'll get a full dose of Halloween here in NH where I'm visiting my daughter and family.

  4. Little guys really get Halloween. It's sad that some people can disagree with things like Halloween. I was a teacher, like you , and sometimes I was blown away by things people objected to.

  5. Interesting is Halloween...We don't do it, but family staying here are doing it but going to another town some miles away, to 'do Halloween'.

  6. Oh wow! You guys really got the spirit! Yay! Have a great time tomorrow!

  7. Hope you have a great time and you gets lots of callers. Happy Halloween.

  8. Hope you have a nice evening. We don't celebrate it here.

  9. Love the skeletons' decorating the boat! My goodness that cookie that Mason is eating is big! It all looks fun. In the 1970s the government schools in my state were banned from doing anything Halloween after pressure from some in the community. Some of us had looked at the practices of it with our class when studying old British traditions. I don't know if the ban has been lifted but Halloween is really pushed nowadays through the retail sector. I have some treats ready but in the 14 years I've been at this address only 2 children have come 'trick or treating'.

  10. I like Halloween, but here we get few Trick or Treaters.

  11. The boats decked out is new for me. Will trick-or-treaters visit the boats? Fun costume on Sarah! Mason is growing up!! Happy Halloween.

  12. Cynthia in Poland Catholic church does not celebrating Halloween but children do it as well adults.

  13. What a cute Captain America! Hope you had a fun Halloween:)

  14. Love Mason in his outfit. The girls look a hoot too. Unlike you we don't look forward to the visitors on Halloween so we go to the movies. Too many stairs to be going up and down all night. I left a box of treats on the doorstep.

  15. Now how did I miss this post two days ago. I'm really getting slack! Your daughters are beautiful. Mason is cute and I love that he enjoyed his costume so much. Reminds me of my grandson John when he was three. He wore nothing but a Batman suit day and night, and we thought he would roast wearing it in July! Hope you had lots of trick or treaters. We never have any. It would probably scare us to death if one did knock at the door.

  16. Mason is adorable, my grandson was very much the same with his costume (Buzz Lightyear) wanting to wear it every where.

    Did you get your 70 trick or treaters? Halloween isn't my favorite holiday but the one part I do enjoy is watching the children and seeing how creative they are with their costumes.