Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Update

So far the mandatory evacuation is still on for us as we are considered "coastal" Carolina. But here's the (possible) good news.

The hourly update shows the center of the storm moving just a teeny bit eastward which would put the center of the Cone of Uncertainty (I'm learning a whole new vocabulary this week) off the coast. We would still get Category 2 winds (96-110 mph) but it's a whole lot better than the Category 4 winds (130-156 mph) that hit poor Haiti.

We plan to make the decision whether or not to evacuate tonight and not actually leave until Friday morning. My mom is on the east coast of Florida and she will join several friends at a hotel a ways inland. Think Hurricane Party for the over 80 set!

The third store was the charm this morning and we were able to purchase fresh gallons of drinking water, lots of batteries, snacks, and a cat carrier for Rosie. Store shelves are already bare of drinking water, batteries, and salty snacks and we had to take the only pet carrier left. The box says DOG carrier and has a photo of a cute little dog so Rose might refuse to enter it, but we shall see. We got Coleman stove gas for our small camping stove as there will likely be no electricity and filled the gas tank of the car.

But what will we do for entertainment with no electricity, no wifi, you ask?

Clever, eh?



  1. Wishing the best for you. Take care.

  2. Hope all that preparation is unnecessary and that it loses its momentum. Stay safe.

  3. Not sure if I have ever left a comment, but I do read your site--great photos by the way--
    I also live on the east coast of Flordia--just about 2 miles as the crow flies from the beach in a Senior Apt complex--so DD and I are leaving this evening to go to Gainsville and then on up into GA for a couple days (Atlanta area)
    hope your mom and your are all safe and stay that way--
    love and laughter, di

  4. Took us awhile to find water too. Any time there's a big storm the electricity goes out and we're on a well, so after awhile no water. Our stove is propane so no problem there. We bought a couple of battery operated lights today and we have a couple of DVD players that operate on batteries, so we're charging them up today. Stay safe, unless things change for the worse we're not going anywhere.

  5. Reading is always a great alternative!

  6. I reckon you are safe and not in the "eye" area of the hurricane.
    All shown on TV here this morning. Seems that the "weather gods" are
    in some kind of fury as from what we here in Australia received
    and still getting down south.
    Good to know that you have stocked up - in your area I would have
    thought this was mandatory????
    Good luck and IF THE EMERGENCY SERVICES say "GET OUT" - get out
    and follow instructions. They KNOW what they are doing.

  7. Keep safe. I know you'll do what's best.

  8. Thinking of you! Stay safe! I have two book lights with extra batteries taped to them! When we lived in Florida in 1973 there was a hurricane warning, I didn't know what to do, the neighbor said buy canned food and fill the bathtub with that is what I did. :)

  9. That sounds all very bad, hope you have no damage.

  10. thinking of all those in Matthew's path. Be safe!! Growing up in Upstate SC we often had the fury of the winds and rains from those coastal storms. They were intense even as we were inland.

  11. Good luck. I will be watching the news with you in mind. I love the idea of your mum having a hurricane party. Stay safe.

  12. The flooding I saw on the news was not good, I hope you are safe. Thinking of you! :)