Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy LOVE Day!

On this day of hearts and flowers, I thought I'd share some treasured Valentine cards. They have been around for awhile, but the sentiments are ageless.  So, some oldies but goodies:

"Every Good Wish Be Yours,"  1912, to my grandma from "Ma and Pa"

"Will she accept my token?  She'll smile I know, Had I the words but spoken: I'll be your beau."  Grandma's but with no signature on the back!  Hmmm ... a mystery.
Another mystery:  to my aunt from "Gerald".  No one in the family remembers Gerald, and we found it in the attic after she died, so we can't ask my aunt. 
And my favorite:
To my dad, serving in World War II in the Pacific Front from his aunt, uncle, and cousins back home.  I can only imagine how much it meant to him to get this Valentine.
Happy Valentine's Day to my bloggy friends!  May love be abundant in your life, today and always.


  1. Old valentines remind me of my Mother. She always loved valentines and had some left in her Bible, sent to her from my girls when they were small. Thank you for bringing back good memories.

  2. What lovely old valentines! I enjoyed seeing them, especially the last one!:)

  3. Valentine's Day has had a very long tradition in your country. In Poland is very popular too but since 1990s.

  4. There is so much rubbish and tat associated with Valentine's Day these days - so commercial its unpalatable (to me anyway). Sound like a misery don't I lol
    On the other hand those valuable treasures you have are to be loved and preserved.
    I did get a cuppa tea in bed so The Golfer looked after me in his own special way (as he walked out the door to meet up with friends at the golf course) :)
    Take care

  5. These are such wonderful vintage cards! Lucky you!