Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Walking Home

        A favorite poet, a favorite poem . . . .

                    Walking Home from Oak-Head
                                                             by Mary Oliver
There is something
  about the snow-laden sky
    in winter
      in the late afternoon
that brings to the heart elation
  and the lovely meaninglessness
    of time.
      Whenever I get home--whenever--
somebody loves me there.
    I stand in the same dark peace
      as any pine tree,
or wander on slowly
  like the still unhurried wind
      as for a gift,
for the snow to begin
  which it does
    at first casually,
      then, irrepressibly.

Wherever else I live--
  in music, in words,
    in the fires of the heart,
      I abide just as deeply
in the nameless, indivisible place,
  this world
    which is falling apart now,
     which is white and wild,
which is faithful beyond all our expressions of faith,
  our deepest prayers.
    Dont worry, sooner or later I'll be home.
      Red-cheeked from the roused wind,
I'll stand in the doorway
  stamping my boots and slapping my hands,
    my shoulders
      covered with stars.
Thank you for reading my blog.  What's your favorite February poem?


  1. I love Stopping by the woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. I like the poem you shared. Thank you.

  2. That's a good one for February, too!

  3. Not sure I could name a single February poem - so I think this makes the one on this post my favourite!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. That sounds like a very suitable poem for the weather in your country.

  5. Oh, I love this Mary Oliver poem! Thanks.

  6. That does sound like the right February poem for where you live. However for me it would have to be My Country by Dorothea Mackellar - the first line of the second verse is 'I love a sunburnt country'. That to me describes Australia in February.
    Take care

    1. Perfect for Australia! Here it is, read by the poet, with gorgeous visuals, for anyone who doesn't know it.

  7. That's the surprise of the winter!! Cow looking in the cool mind...

  8. There is interesting irony in the Walker, with her head in the stars, contemplating existence in conjunction with pictured livestock planted in snowy cold reality.

    1. They were gathered near the gate, anticipating a big hay drop before the storm. I thought it was interesting that they, too, felt the impending snow and knew what to expect.

  9. Wish I could put my feelings in words like Mary Oliver does in this poem. The first line is my favorite. "The snow-laden sky". I love how you can feel the snow in the air before it ever begins to fall.

    1. I love the last couple lines, "my shoulders covered with stars". The big flakes really do look like stars when they land on you.

  10. This is so beautiful and really speaks to me. I don't have a favorite February poem, but this could be it now.