Saturday, April 19, 2014

Not What I Had Planned

   Today was just about perfect.  Yesterday . . . not so much.  I had a fun day planned, the weather was sunny, and I had a day off from babysitting my grandson.  I packed a lunch and all the essentials (camera, binoculars, map) for a nice long hike.  As I was driving through town feeling free and excited, my car began to make a horrible noise.  My heart sank.
   I turned around and drove back to the little auto repair place in town and got an estimate: $420 and 2-3 hours.  Well, I did have my lunch.  And a book to read.  But still, I didn't want to sit inside for hours and smell rubber and grease, so I imagine I didn't look too excited. 
   Now here is one of the big perks of a small town.  The man at the desk pulled his car keys from his pocket and said, here, drive my car home.  I'll call you when yours is done.
   So instead of hiking, I worked in the garden, got the snow peas planted and trellised, 8 new asparagus plants in, and a pound of onion sets started.  
   Today was supposed to be rainy all day with high winds, but I decided to go ahead with my hike anyway.  I'm so glad I did because the weather man was completely wrong and we had hazy sunshine almost all day. 
   I'll have some photos from my hike in a day or two.  It was an excellent one, with bluebirds, Eastern phoebes everywhere, soaring vultures and eagles, waterfalls, open water on the Mississippi River, and some interesting history. 
   But for now I want to wish you a Happy Easter, however you celebrate.  I will be watching little boys hunt for Easter eggs, cooking strawberry waffles with my daughters, and feeling really grateful that the winter that brought us the Polar Vortex is past and spring is here at last.
HAPPY EASTER from the dancing chick and bunny and ME!



  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. Glad you enjoyed the hike and that you were able to get your garden in.

  2. Happy Easter to you, too!

  3. Cynthia, you have had a nice day, you have done your garden despite extra money you have spent for your car. In some parts of Poland ( Silesia and Pomerania) eggs hunting is very popular with children. Happy Easter and sunny Sunday. In my place is great sunny Easter Sunday.

  4. Had car trouble myself this week so know how you feel. It's nice you got to go home and get some jobs done though, well done x

  5. Happy Easter. it sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you. It is absolutely pouring with rain here!

  6. Oh what a bad luck when plans doesn't work as you had expected. Happy Easter anyway.

  7. You were lucky you were not too far out of the town and such a nice man to lend you a car.

  8. Happy Easter ! What a nice guy at the repair shop! Good thing you weren't off in the boonies someplace:)

  9. That's the kind of repair shop that inspires repeat business! :)

    Loved the shots of that mill and the water as well, from the other post...:)