Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

We've had some days of lower temps and humidity here and I have enjoyed getting outside. Mostly it's walking but after our mornIng walk today I got my bike out and set out for a long ride.



So often there are clouds building like this, morning and evening.








The view from the other side of the road is a pre-Civil War rice field, now filled in with cat tails and marsh grasses.

In the foreground you can see the old dike built to hold in the water to flood the rice field.







An anhinga dries his wings in the morning sun over Margaret's Island.












I will leave you with this summer Sunday thought:

In spite of all the farmer’s work and worry, he can’t reach down to where the seed

is slowly transmuted into summer.

The earth bestows.

Rainer Maria Rilke, The Sonnets to Orpheus



  1. M favourite photo is the one of the anhinga drying its wings.

  2. Makes you wonder how that dead pine limb holds the anhinga. We have several dead pines around and the limbs are always breaking and falling. I love the picture. I've never seen Spanish moss growing in a pine.

  3. It certainly is flat countryside - should thence be easy on the legs for pedaling.
    That species of bird - anhinga - would not win too many beauty contests - ha ha.
    Cheers from a lovely (un-August like) day in Brisbane

  4. Nothing like a good bike ride. I haven't solved how to take my camera on the bike.

  5. The trees in the third photo are amazing.

  6. We've been having lower temperature lately too. It's good for a walk as you come back home still fresh and dry but I miss heat.

    Those are beautiful clouds, I have always liked them in whatever form they are.

  7. I too like the 3rd photo, the depth is good...great to take a bike ride...

  8. Wonderful pictures.

    Great quote and so true.

  9. Oh how I love and miss biking but.... but my recent shoulder surgery reminds me of the dangers involved in putting me and a bicycle together....:(