Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And The Winner Is . . .

The sculpture chosen by the jury to remain was this one:



Not the one we would have chosen but if you think of it as a palmetto frond instead of a sunset, it does fit into the landscape. Its permanent location hasn't been chosen yet.

Purchase price : $30,000.





People's choice, first place went to the sea turtle. My photo doesn't do it justice. It's a sea turtle, which this area is known for, swimming under water with the Carolina moon in the background.

It's gorgeous and I really wanted it to be the one to stay.






Second went to "Hanging". I think that is hanging as in "hanging out".

Notes from the artist say the purpose is to "provide the community with a place to meet, rest, play, or think."

I'm wondering if the artist has ever sat on a tractor seat. They are not very comfortable and conducive to hanging out!









Third place went to "LoveArch". It would look nice in a courtyard with a door behind it, I think.



  1. Maybe sea turtle is nice but not the best. It is my opionion

  2. Don't like the winner at all, the sea turtle would have been a much better choice. And $30,000, yikes, the Emperor has new clothes.

  3. I can see the beauty in the sea turtle now. I don't like the love arch.

  4. Just goes to show that tastes in art vary. Strange the sea turtle wasn't chosen since it suits the area. Fun to see, though.

  5. Maybe the judges like "spikey" things???
    On second analysis I think the sea turtle should have won.
    I am glad the "contortionists" didn't win - may have been a
    bit too risque for a public park - ha ha.

  6. I wish the budget had allowed the purchase of both the Sunset and the Sea Turtle.

  7. Oh well, obviously I'm not a good judge of what is exceptional art! lol

  8. The sunset, figures as its near the sea.

  9. My favourite is not among the winners, but I can cope with it.:)

  10. Interesting - I like the turtle. We have many art installations in Breckenridge. Sometimes I wonder why they've been chosen. I think maybe I don't have a clue...

  11. Beautiful sculptures! I like sculptures in a garden – it really adds to the atmosphere.