Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This N That

Just to be clear, strawberries are available in the large grocery stores here pretty much all year,

but those have little flavor. They are picked too early and the variety is chosen for its firmness so it can travel thousands of miles from California to the Midwest and the East Coast.

The strawberries at the farmers market were grown in Beaufort County, a few miles from where I live. In January.

That's what made them so special.


Now that Christmas is over I thought I would show you some gifts I made this year. At the time I didn't have many of my belongings here so it was hard to think of something. I did have my sewing machine and this is what I came up with: potholders made from recycled fabric.

Some of the designs are my own and some are inspired by designs on the Internet.

The padding is from a cut up Polar Fleece jacket and the outer fabric is from soft recycled men's denim shirts.

There were more but I forgot to photograph them.


The cat one has a pocket to put your hand in to protect it from the heat of the oven.



Fun to make, handmade, and useful!

That's what my family likes.


(Since I updated my iPad, I can't flip photos anymore. Bummer!)




And speaking of Christmas ...



Here is Mason, age two, teaching my mom, age 89, how to use an iPhone.

Let's hope he isn't phoning Africa.









I observed that adult coloring books were very popular in Christmas stockings this year. If you didn't receive one, here is a page for you. I don't think it will take you long to finish it.

And since cold season is upon us, here is a little advice.

I don't know if it works, but it sounds like it tastes good, unlike some of the other remedies I've read.

Stay warm, my friends!



  1. The pot holders were a great idea. One thing you never seem to have enough of. And, the embroidery was terrific. Good job. I'm going to try the cold recipe. My problem is more allergies, but who knows, it's worth a try.

  2. I really like those potholders. Cute use of the pocket on the cat one!

  3. Those pot holders were a real delight, such a wonderful gift. Loved the colouring book for lazy people, it really made me chuckle.

  4. Wow Cynthia you are really gifted I am not as skilful as you

  5. Great potholders with their individual embroidery. I'd love to know if the honey and cinnamon remedy works. We are mid summer here, so hopefully I won't have anyone to try it on for a while.

  6. Great potholders with their individual embroidery. I'd love to know if the honey and cinnamon remedy works. We are mid summer here, so hopefully I won't have anyone to try it on for a while.

    It is summer time below the Equator and we ARE warm - like today
    the REAL summer has arrived - just in time to create havoc with players
    at the Australian Open.
    Today on the morning news - bush fire alerts the length and breadth of
    our continent!
    Summer has really been a bit late arriving - but it has arrived it seems
    with a vengeance! Tasmanian ( the southern island state) is having really
    hot weather. Hobart has had higher temperature than Brisbane!
    Oh nice - needlework - I hope that is the word?

    Mason was looking up Australia - improving his geography!
    "Now look here great Grandma, this is where I'm off too".
    Excellent young fellow - looks like he might be a good jackaroo!

  8. I've seen the example you give with the phone many times. I can't believe it. However, I guess if you are born with it it makes sense.

  9. Lovely potholders, Cynthia. Do you do the embroidery on them freehand?

    I got a hoot out of your grandson showing grandma how to use the IPhone. Aren't kids so smart these days? They take to computers and phones like fish to water.

    1. I drew sketches on paper and then used a transfer pencil to trace the design and iron it onto the fabric.

  10. Love the potholders. Very resourceful. I thnk I might be able to do good work coloring your picture! Sweet photo of your mom and Mason.

  11. Those pot holders are great, I like the bird one! I have an IPad now but have not taken any photos with it...still learning:)

  12. Your pot holders are very creative. I got one for Christmas from my grandson with one of his original pictures as the graphic. I love it. Our 3 year old grandson can manipulate my phone so fast, I'm stunned. (He can also take hundreds of photos if I'm not watching him!)

    1. I love the idea of using the children's art to embroider! I'm going to try it. Thanks for the great idea.

  13. You are very creative with your pot holders! That photo of your grandson is so funny!

  14. You are very talented Cynthia. How special to receive a present that is hand made. Mason has grown so much. Quite the young man now.

  15. I concur totally on your take about the strawberries. Far to many of our fruits shipped in from far away are grown to look good and ship well. Flavor seem to have been left by the wayside in that process. Ugh!

  16. Cynthia, thank you for the mystery of my mom suddenly becoming a poet! I have sent the information you provided to my siblings. And yes, I did think she wrote it, but it was a bit flowery for my taste, and now I feel somehow much better. It's a wonderful poem, though, to think someone is still with us in spirit. :-)