Thursday, January 21, 2016

Keeping Beaufort Harbor Safe



It's ...







  1. I'm sure I've seen him flying overhead!

  2. Cute cape. Need one for my little guy.

  3. So most people see a cute dog, but I wonder about the name Beaufort. There's a Beaufort sea in the Arctic and a beaufort scale for wind. Now I have to look up the name Beaufort.

    1. Red - you got me to do some looking up also.,_Victoria
      This Beaufort in our southern state of Victoria
      is a twin town of Beaufort in North Carolina!
      Seems that the two Carolina "Beauforts" are distinguished
      by pronunciation????
      Our Beaufort was a gold fields town in the 1850's where the population]
      was 100,000 !!! Somewhat smaller now with just over 1,000.
      The other Beaufort here is in WA - called Beaufort River.
      This place is 260 klms S/SW of Perth and is even smaller.
      I think I'd take Beaufort, SC as my choice with the lovely yachting
      harbour being guarded by that watchful "SUPER" dog.

    2. Beaufort, North Carolina (pronounced Bow-fert) and Beaufort, South Carolina (pronounced Bew-fert) were both named after the same man. I'm not sure how they came to be pronounced differently.
      I love Beaufort SC. It's a sleepy Southern town of 12,000 that has made no haste to change or modernize. It escaped the fate of most of the South and wasn't burned during the Civil War because it was occupied by the Union. Many of the historic homes and civic buildings are still intact and still in use.

  4. Beaufort is such a pretty little town.

  5. Dawwww. How cute is that? But then that's not an appropriate thing to say about a SUPER DOG.

  6. Oh, how sweet...not only do people dress their children in Superman costume but dogs too..

  7. Oh boy, is it that cold out there?

  8. This probably my favourite city in SC! Fun downtown, bookstore, grand old homes, park, and wonderful marshes.

  9. Sounds and looks like a nice town. Good on the cute super dog keeping it safe.

  10. Cardinals are one of few colorful birds we have.

  11. Cynthia, no snow here, but very cold. The year we came down here to buy a place, 2003, there was snow all over the Savannah area. Temperatures dropped to the teens at night and it took forever for the snow and ice to melt. We were really surprised, had no idea that it got that cold here. Since then we've had snow once, a light dusting on Christmas that didn't stick.