Saturday, October 10, 2015

Drop Zone


When we visited my mom in Florida a new restaurant had just opened at the very small airport in town. They served fresh local food, a varying menu depending on what was available locally that day, and opened to rave reviews.


That alone would have beckoned us to visit, but the main attraction is this: you can sit out on the deck while you eat, watch sky divers jump from a plane, fall through the sky, and land just a few yards from your table.


Before we even sat down, we looked up into the sky full of a dozen or more colorful canopies that had just been released from a small plane at an altitude of about 12,500 feet. Jumpers at this airport have an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean and coastline from the sky.

The divers fall at the rate of 115 mph for about a minute before their chute opens and soon we could make out the the forms of the divers themselves as they floated toward the earth.


Some did complete flips over and over in the air, to the applause of those watching.



A first jump, a tandem jump where you are tethered to an instructor, costs about $200. If you want a video to prove you did it, it costs a lot more!

Solo jumps for the experienced cost about $25 per jump and they make about 10 jumps per day.

The beautiful canopies cost upwards of $2500.




My sister and I both thought we would like to try it, although I probably would have to be (gently, I would hope!) pushed out of the plane when it comes right down to it. There are only 8 deaths out of a million jumps per year, comforting statistics, I thought, until I was reminded that I am a person who can trip over the toe of my own shoe.

Best to stay on the ground, I guess, but it sure was fun to watch.







  1. No wonder that restaurant got rave reviews with such live entertainment .

  2. I am told it is quite a sensation - all nephews and nieces have jumped plus my sister, Cheryl, and brother, Graham - but he was
    in the military for his career, as are his two sons, so I don't think that counts.
    Like you, I would prefer Terra Firma - if God wanted me to fly or soar I think He would have given me a set of wings.

    Where I am staying in the Hunter in two weeks, the aerodrome there right near my friends home is a flying school and
    parachuting learning place - however your US costs are far cheaper than here. On some weekends, the sky is amass
    with parachuting "jumpers". On one visit there, a bloke got sweep by a gust of "rogue" wind and almost landed in the
    pool - quite amusing for us, very embarrassing for him!

    Do I see - Beer - glorious beer? I couldn't think of a better accompaniment to watch the "flying featherless humans" - ha ha.

  3. What a wonderful idea for dining out. I have always wanted to fly airplanes and jump out of them, with parachute of course. Now that I'm older I've given up those ideas. I'm now too afraid though maybe would consider holding onto an experienced jumper. It isn't on my bucket list, lol. I can enjoy watching others jump. That makes me happy.

  4. Fun to watch, but the only way you'd get me to jump out of a plane would be if it was on fire.

  5. I'm with you - I'd love to watch. Jumping from a plane isn't on my bucket list. Looks like a fun place to dine.

  6. Yes, this would be fun to watch. I could be easily tempted to jump.

  7. I follow DJans blog, she is now a retired Skydiver and she was also a Skydiving wouldn't be an activity I would like because heights scare me...but many people really enjoy it! It would be fun to watch! :)

  8. That would be great to watch. Had no idea how much the shoot was.
    Like you I prefer to stay on the ground, well at my age :)

  9. What a great place to go eat, the entertainment is amazing. For me thought, feet firmly on the floor.

  10. A friends mother did a tandem jump at age 90, which she seemed to enjoy greatly, got her photo in the local paper. I did one at age 30 - it was a great experience - it was not tandem. I don't feel the need to do it again though.

  11. A friends mother did a tandem jump at age 90, which she seemed to enjoy greatly, got her photo in the local paper. I did one at age 30 - it was a great experience - it was not tandem. I don't feel the need to do it again though.

  12. Oh my golly gosh, I would have indigestion eating with all the skydivers jumping around me!! It is rather nice for those jumping to have a cheer squad for their landing, especially if they are like my kids and don't tell their Mothers they are doing it, until after they are safely down!! :)
    Have a happy Sunday
    Wren x

  13. I think the worst part is to jump out of the plane indeed. I would never dare that. I get sick alraedy when I walk a stair with see through steps of iron....

  14. Cynthia nice area to rest and eat

  15. Your photos are lovely, Cynthia. Looks like a great time. :)