Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Summer of Bugs

"Red bug" bites, fire ant bites, the two huge yellow corn spiders, leaf-footed bugs, orange dog caterpillar, Hercules beetle, and now October brings us ...

Red Velvet Ants.

It has definitely been a summer of bugs that are new to me!


On my way to the mailbox yesterday, I encountered this zigzagging across the sand.

(By the time I could get my camera she had disappeared into the grass and this is a photo from a website called DesertUSA. There is lots more info there if you would like to visit.)




She is not really an ant at all but a wingless wasp with such a painful sting that her other name is Cow Killer. And she is big! An inch to one and a half inches ( 2.5 - 4 cm) long!

Even more exciting, the velvet ants come in other bright colors including royal blue, orange, and gray.

I kid you not!



  1. Surely different from Minnesota bugs...the Asian Lady Bugs arrived about ten days ago..I am certain you remember them:)

  2. These "ants" are beautiful. I have not tested their sting but have always avoided them with bare feet.

  3. I've seen these skittering around, and they are very fast!

  4. Impressive insect, interesting insect. But you can keep 'em!

  5. How clever that they come in different colours (disguises). Their bite/sting sounds nasty!

  6. I think these were the wasps we encountered in the Grand Canyon while camping along the CO River. A lady in our group stepped on one in her bare feet and her whole leg swelled to 3x its size. Pretty but dangerous!

  7. Okay, I understand your title"summer of Bugs." You've had a number of nasties.

  8. Good heavens, that is large for an ant/wasp..yet pretty to look at in the photo.
    Shall wander to link and read shortly..

  9. Yikes! I grew up in the south and am thankful I never came across one of these things.

  10. They look very colourful but rather big, strange colours however.

  11. And people I know in the US think Australia has a lot of creepy crawlies! lol

  12. Bare feet would be a "no no" when this wingless wasp is on the prowl.
    You may keep that creature over your side of the Pacific. We have ample
    varieties of "bitties" here already.