Monday, October 5, 2015

What Happened to September?

What is now being called the "1,000 year rain" (meaning it won't happen again for another 1,000 years we hope) follows the "hottest summer in history" in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. (I don't believe my arrival in the South has anything to do with all this record-breaking weather.)

In fact, we are faring quite nicely with only a new lagoon in the front yard, and that is completely navigable. The water has crept up the sides of the causeway but not over to block access to our island. So far.

So, things are a bit soggy but all is well chez nous.


Now, what happened to September. Well, except for a few days at home to wash clothes, hug the four legged family members, and pack up the car, what happened to September was travel, north and south. The first part of the month was spent in Minnesota with my daughters and family, and the second part with family in Florida.

The reason to travel to Florida was a very special one. When I was in college and my sister in high school, our family hosted a student from Brazil. We were lucky -- it was a great match. We became like sisters and Cris returned for another stay a few years later. Although we have all kept in touch over the years, we have never had an opportunity to get together ... until September.


Maria Cristina was in the US for business and managed a side trip south to visit.



(Cris, my mom, me, my sister, Paul taking the photo. Only my dad is missing.)





(Me, my husband Paul, Cris, my dad, my sister)
We look just the same, right?!!

(me, Cris, my mom)

What a happy time it was!

Lots of reminiscing, laughs, tears, and catching up.

And we have all vowed that next time we are together, it will be in Rio de Janeiro!


PS. For most of September I was without wifi, so I'll soon be catching up on all your blogs that I missed last month.

I really missed my bloggy friends and all your doings!



  1. Glad you're safe I wondered how you were doing over in the low country.

  2. Pleased to hear all is well. Have missed your comments and your posts. Rio next on your list for travelling.

  3. Oh that is so special! Those pictures are great! Are you sure you didn't bring all this weird weather? :) Seriously, I'm glad you are okay. I do feel for all those people in SC. How awful all this rain has been.

  4. How wonderful to see each other again and catch up on all your doings. I've been out of the loop for a time because my son-in-law was working to set us up with a new cellphone, etc. along with synching it with everything else. Then I didn't have our passwords, etc. Argh... You all looked lovely then and more so now with the added elegance that maturity brings.

  5. How wonderful to catch up with an old friend and travelling through out September visiting, great times.

  6. Oh, this is so nice to meet each other all together after such long time. The weather is weird all over the worls it seems, a real change of climate. Not so good I think.

  7. ....the invisible red thread that connects us to those we love may stretch or tangle, but will never break. Sometimes it pulls us back together. Glad you are not washed away.

  8. Great for you to be able to have seen family north and south.
    The photo of you, your mother and sister - well no mistaking the connection there!
    It was good so see Chris from Rio. She may be related to the famous tennis star
    of the late 50's and 60's - Maria Bueno. My God she looks like Maria!
    Now a visit to Rio would really be something to consider.

    I trust your "water wings" are in good condition. A bit of a weather battering
    I note is taking place from Joaquin.

  9. Cynthia so it means you were busy lately. Greaf and long friendship is very important. Love from Poland

  10. I have been wondering about you too! I hope you stay dry! What fun to see a foreign exchange student after all these years, yes you should plan that trip now. :)

  11. Glad you have survived the rain. But could you box some up and send it to Texas?

  12. Most people had fabulous experiences with exchange students. We'll allow you to take Sept. off for a good cause.

  13. I was worried you were sick. I'm glad September was awesome for you! You've been very busy. Welcome back.

  14. Good to see you are back and that all is well.
    Nice photos of the family (2015) Great to catch up with friends and family.

  15. What a wonderful catch up, looking forward to seeing you in Rio! Hope the water stays at bay...
    Wren x

  16. Its so much fun to catch up with long time friends. You have been busy travelling. Way to go!