Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shrimp Boats Is A-Comin'!


During a lull in the " 1,000 year rain" Sunday we dashed out to walk the battery in Beautfort. The shrimp festival there was cancelled because of the weather so we pretty much had the waterfront to ourselves.


The Gracie Belle, a family shrimp boat, was moored along the sea wall and to the right you can see where the water came over it at high tide earlier in the morning.


That usually happens only in a hurricane.







I had only seen shrimp boats from a distance so this was an exciting chance to see one close up.



Beaufort Bridge -- and all we saw of the sun before the deluge began again.










Last night I got my second up close look at a shrimp boat, a much larger and newer commercial one. We were having fish and chips on the dock of an old oyster factory when the Reilly Morgan came in with the day's catch.



In 1912 an oyster factory was built on a bed of shells from the oysters being shucked. In 1920 a dining room was added and oysters were served up on the spot.







Today Hudson's fleet brings in a thousand pounds of shrimp a day and 70,000 lbs of shrimp and 250,000 raw oysters a year are served right there on the docks.

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  1. That looks like a fabulous place to dine on super fresh oysters and shrimps - yum! Good to see the blue sky too, I imagine, after all that rain.

  2. I'd go for the shrimp, but you can keep the oysters!

  3. That is a busy fishing port. Looks like a great place for a seafood feast. We have seen your weather on TV here. Hope it clears up soon and you are not flooded.

  4. Agree with Diane - sure is a busy fishing port but I wouldn't be dining in such close proximity to those
    fishing trawlers - the smell of the fish would be far too overpowering.
    I'm looking forward to a week of fish eating when I go down to Bateau Bay / Terrigal next week
    It will be Sydney Rock oysters followed by more and more - the World will be an Oyster for me - ha ha.
    Your dining place as shown seems to have a well stocked bar!

  5. I love these pictures! I've seen shrimp boats on the ocean way off and always wondered how they would look up close, and if the men were busy on board, and how many there were. We would see several shrimp boats during our weeks spent at the beach every summer.

  6. Love the fresh shrimp we get down here. Darien, GA is another good spot to see shrimp boats and once a year they do a blessing of the fleet.

  7. Beaufort is a delightful little city. Shrimp boats are always a good sight.

  8. Love the boats and shrimp to eat even better....:)

  9. I have never seen a shrimp boat before so it was great to see. I am a great fan of shrimp but not so much on oysters. Looks like a great place to eat right on the shore.

  10. They have huge fishing nets to get them out of the sea, nice pictures.

  11. The TV news told of the seas in your area.
    Lots of fishing nets there, they the men are skilled in their use...
    Stay safe..

  12. Looks a bit different to Whitstable! Shrimps yes but I wouldn't be too bothered if the oysters remained out at sea.

  13. Beautiful photos!
    Come by our little blog if you wish @


  14. DEar Cynthia, I'm wondering if you experienced any damage to your home during those rains. The coverage by the evening NBC news showed pictures from many locales in South Carolina. The devastation was immense. I'm hoping that you are okay. Peace.

  15. I saw the word retired and came over to say hi, as I am retired too and enjoying it. Then I saw where you live, and pray that you are safe and dry. We would enjoy having some oysters right there, weather permitting.

  16. Fish and Chips now I am hungry and slightly jealous. I enjoyed seeing the Shrimp Boats...I always thing of Bubba naming all the ways you can have shrimp:)